Fužine is situated 730m above sea-level. Its climate is the continental variety of the mediterranean, with particularly beautiful spring, summer and autumn, and snowy, frequently quite long winters. The average annual temperature is 7.6 degrees Celsius. In summer the temperature rarely exceeds 30°, and the nights are virtually never warm. Therefore in summer the climate is very pleasant, as are winter days with stable weather and great amount of snow. Fuzine is known for its fresh mountain air continuously provided by Bora, wind prevailing during anticyclone periods. The nearby mountain tops (Bitoraj 1385m, Visevica 1428 m, Tuhobic 1106m, Preradovic 885m) offer magnificent views on picturesque woods of Gorski kotar and its surroundings: the lakes, the villages Vrata, Lic and Fuzine, the karst plain Licko polje; but also on the sea, coastline and the islands of Kvarner.

Fužine is very well connected. The area borders with the gulf of Kvarner so the distance to the seaside is only 30 km– the Riviera of Rijeka, Crikvenica and Vinodol – and only 22km to the island of Krk. Fuzine is situated in the proximity of the new highway Zagreb-Rijeka, and the village is easy to reach. You can also visit it by train, a trip now considered somewhat romantic. Therefore you can spend pleasant nights in Fuzine during hot summers, and at the same time have the advantage of staying at the seaside.

Fužine is characterized by rich water resources. Today there are three accumulation lakes: Bajer, Lepenica and Potkos which fit beautifully in the mountain landscape. They are rich in fish and easily attract anglers. The clear water abounds in trout, round chub, marble trout, common carp, pike, grass carp etc. The lakes host sailing regattas and diving contests, and surfing, boat rides and canoeing is also available. The deep woods of Gorski kotar are perfect for hunters because they abound mostly in large animals, but in other game animals as well.

Tourist attraction of a significant importance is the cave Vrelo. It was discovered in the 1950s during the construction of the accumulation lake Bajer. It is well lighted and adapted for professionally guided visits. It is 300m long and quite specific for the underground water which flows through it –the only Croatian cave adapted for tourists which has this feature. Its relief has no steps and it is suitable even for visitors in wheelchair. Because of its accessibility and attractiveness it is visited by all generations, from kindergarten children to the elderly.

Source: www.tz-fuzine.hr

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